Scuba Travel

“After the magical moment when my eyes opened in the sea, I was no longer possible for me to see, think and live as before” – Jacques Cousteau

The love we have for nature and the new horizons, ranges from the immense valleys and prairies around the world, to the colorful and populated seabed.

The journey into the fascinating “world of diving” is what we want to offer to all enthusiasts of this discipline, opening the doors to an alternative and unknown universe, as well as to a new state of mind, which only brings great benefits at the psychophysical level and of which all divers recognize the extreme benefits procure.

The three-dimensionality that we live below sea level is unparalleled, and everything, like magic, awakens with beauty, silence and wonder, perceiving sensations of extreme relaxation; thoughts and problems vanish and are “transported” to the surface with air bubbles, thus giving us the only mental well-being to live a fun and always unique dive.

The direct contact with nature, as for our “land travels”, therefore becomes the core of this new SCUBA TRAVEL section, dedicated to “marine travel”.

The discovery of the oceans, with its forms of life, colors and extraordinary emotions, but above all to shape the same goal of offering an opportunity to the diver, to appreciate the beauty of nature in total respect knowing its versatile peculiarities, is what we offer in our underwater expeditions which are always supported as well as our team leader also by the best operators in the diving sector.