After years of experience of the founders, travellers and nature lovers who support important values towards nature and environmental conservation, eXplora is born, a new reality aimed at the organization of expeditions around the world.

The eXplora team is mainly composed by people with certifications in both diving and alpinistic sectors, with many years of experience in expeditions of the highest level.

A fundamental component of the team is the integration with the photography.

A new way of travelling through the absolute involvement of the participant, from light to a modern way of discovering extraordinary lands.

Why eXplora

A new concept of travelling gives participants the opportunity to merge into the journey, recognizing and discovering the important value of the world around us.

The activities carried out during the Expeditions are presented between exploration, adventure and rest, sensitizing respect and protection for the environment and learning a new way of combining the psycho-physical well-being with the journey.

eXplora is glad to provide you with all the information you need to organise  your trip