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Umkomaas (Durban)

Sud Africa

We organize naturalistic expeditions in different parts of the world mainly in the area of southern Africa including: Botswana, Namibia and South Africa itself. The best expeditions with the best operators to offer you unique experiences.

You will not do a simple trip but you will be the protagonist of the best “documentary”. Our goal is to make you “dive” into the wildest nature always safely and with the greatest respect for the different habitats explored.



All expeditions are conducted with particular attention to the spirit of exploration.



Adventure is what you will live as soon as an expedition with eXplora begins



For most of eXplora expeditions we provide and supply the necessary equipment needed.

4 Elements


Expeditions in touch with the aquatic world; diving and more; the most exciting you can try to be in contact with the marine flora and fauna of the destination you will love to visit.


Naturalistic excursions to discover the local culture; you will visit the most characteristic places always living strong emotions.


Expeditions in touch with the terrestrial world; safaris and excursions to the most suggestive destinations to discover breathtaking landscapes.


Expeditions in touch with the wildest nature testing the spirit of adaptation and temperament towards the most extreme conditions that you will try.


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Sustainability, conservation and respect for the environment are the Fundamental Principles of our Mission; by participating in our expeditions you will be able to learn, depending on the destination chosen, the importance of each individual place, helping our organization in protecting it.


A new way of travelling, combining the exploration of the chosen place with psycho-physical well-being; some of our destinations will offer the traveller the opportunity to concentrate on themselves using relaxation techniques,Β  by living moments to balance and harmonize the body, mind and emotions.


Food gives our body the Energy we need in life and elsewhere; together with the journey we believe that this combination can stimulate even more knowledge and education to a healthy and controlled diet. This can also be supported through the research of the food traditions of the visited places.

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