Sardine Run


What is the Sardine Run? It is a marine phenomenon that takes place between May and July, when billions of sardines – belonging more specifically to the South African species Sardinops sagax – lay their eggs in the cold waters of the Agulhas current and then move north along the east coast of South Africa.

Their amazing number gives rise to episodes of feeding frenzy along the coast. The race, made up of millions of individuals of sardines, occurs when a current of cold water rises north from the Agulhas current to Mozambique, where it then leaves the coast and continues eastward into the Indian Ocean.

Such an assembly of fish can only attract a large number of predators. Up to 18,000 dolphins (mostly common dolphins – Delphinus capensis) gather here to feed on sardines, which, when attacked, compact into ball-shaped formations. These spheres can measure 10-20 m in diameter and 10 m thick. However, the spheres are short-lived and last a maximum of 10 minutes. Once the sardines are surrounded, sharks (especially coppery sharks but not so), birds (such as the Cape sula) and Bryde’s whales do not miss the opportunity of an easy banquet.

Other whale species, such as the humpback whale, the Southern Right Whale and the Antarctic Minke Whale, regardless of whether or not they join the race, can also appear nearby, as can the orca that has not been missed in recent years. During this open-air show, thanks to the help of equipped dinghies, it will be possible to follow every single moment, from predation, to the formation of the various groups of animals that will begin, each in their own way, the moment of hunting; depending on the situation that will develop at that precise moment it will be possible to dive both with Ara equipment and simply in free-diving giving the opportunity to admire, in addition to the surface and therefore from the boat, what happens underwater.

Where: South Africa- Wild Coast
Accommodation: all-inclusive treatment lodges excluding drinks
Period: June/July every year – date in definition
Spots available: 8 on 8


– 7 days
– 6 nights
– 5 boat trip at sea for sardin Run observation (about 6/7 hours)
– Breakfast/soft lunch by boat
– dinner (no drinks during dinner)
– Transfer to and from airport
– 15-minute ride in microligh weather conditions favorable
– Tour leader and assistance eXplora
– Taxes and permits


– Flights to and from South Africa
– Tips and everything not specified in the program

eXplora will be pleased to provide all information needed to arrange your trip.