Wild Slovenia


Located in central and southern Europe between the Julian Alps and the Balkan Peninsula, Slovenia in recent decades has been among the best European destinations for its unspoiled nature among lush mountains, lakes, castles and naturalistic beauties such as caves and scenic paths between valleys and predominant mountains. In this week the area you will explore will be the one located in the core of the forests of the Notranjska and Kočevska regions, a protected area located near Notranjska Regional Park and Risnjak National Park.

The area is famous for its fascinating karst phenomena, such as Lake Cerknica, the largest intermittent lake in the world, and Križna Jama, a karst cave with a chain of underground lakes beyond the forests of The Karst Dinarics, which provide shelter for the populations of brown bear, lynx, wolf, Ural acolyte and tridatile woodpecker.

The focus of the expedition is the observation of the Slovenian brown bear to which several half-days will be dedicated. Experiencing the thrill of watching the bear in Slovenia’s pristine natural forests is among the most extraordinary experiences you can experience. Accompanied by a wildlife expert deep in the forest, you can observe and meet the brown bear native to Slovenia while also observing it from the large windows of a safe wooden lookout – perfect for taking incredible photos!

In nature, the bears will very rarely humans approach, and in case they smell, they will quickly head in the opposite direction never seeing them again. That’s why our shed is isolated from this, precisely to allow bears to enter the field of close view, but in addition to the bear there will be a good chance of spotting wild foxes, martores, deer, wolves, badgers, skunks and lynxes.

Where: Slovenia
Accommodation: All-inclusive lodges excluding drinks
When: begin May or June every year upon reaching 7 participants
Available spots: 7 on 7


7 nigths all-inclusive treatment lodges excluding drinks;
3 trips for observation of bears (about 5 hours per day);
– 1 trip by dinghy (duration of 3-4 hours) in the caves of Krizna-Jama;
– Excursion to Predjama Castle including visiting the caves under the fortress;
– Trekking to Mount Nevoso and visiting the San Canziano caves by dinghie (duration of 3-4 hours) in the caves of Krizna-Jama;
– Excursion to the village of Velika Planina and visit of Lubijana;
– Permits to enter parks with related guides;
– Tour leader eXplora expedition;
– Van for the duration of the trip;
– Fuel and motorway taxes Italy and Slovenia;
– Taxes.


Drinks during meals, Alcohol, extras;
– Dinner in Ljubljana;
– Expenses to reach the two meeting points: Ancona or Bologna;
– Medical/health insurance and cancellation.

eXplora Expedition will be pleased to provide all the information needed to arrange your trip.