Finnish Lapland

The Expedition:

It will seem like just a return. Even if you’ve never been there. Finland in winter is like this: the fairy tale that they always read you in the evening.

Whiter than book drawings. Colder, yes, than any imagination, even the most heated. Three dimensions. Five senses. So dive into the white of the great North discovering things you never thought you were able to do.

Husky Safari and the two day safari on the Eastern border will be just some of the activities that will make you fall into the classic Nordic setting.
Moving through snow-covered woods and prairies, thanks to sled dogs, will make you forget the everyday life of usual means, finding and trying again the true contact with nature. The further beauty of these forests can also be admired thanks to a morning organized with snowshoes in the muffled silence of the woods.

Do not forget a Nordic tradition such as “ice fishing”.
The beauty of ice fishing lies in its simplicity, and is perhaps the main reason why it is considered a kind of meditation.Waiting patiently for something to happen (and often nothing happens) purifies the mind and does not tire. Keywords: silence. Strange as it may seem, spirituality resides in the idea of ​​a swarming body of water
of life covered by a still and silent layer of ice.

Then to “hunt” for auroras at sunset in the midst of the famous “snow giants.”

The expedition cannot miss the typical smoked sauna and a bath in the frozen river and as an option icefloating: float with dry suits in the river while admiring the magical northern lights belly in the air.

Where:  Ruka-Kuusamo Finnish Lapland

Accomodations:  Lodge in the forest with sauna e Jacuzzi.

Dates: From 21 to 28 January 2025

Available spots: 8 on 8


    • Accommodation in an exclusive lodge with sauna and whirlpool;
    • Snowshoeing in the woods with guide;
    • Transfer to and from Kuusamo airport;
    • Husky safari by snowmobile;
    • Ice-Floating (EXTRA)
    • Dinner in the forest waiting for the northern lights;
    • 2 day EAST border safari by snowmobile;
    • Lunch, Dinner and Breakfast during East Border Safari;
    • Fishing on the frozen lake;
    • Traditional wood sauna and river bath;
    • Polar equipment for the whole week;
    • Local guides;
    • Explora Expedition escort;
    • Permits;
    • Van for the whole week;
    • Fuel;
    • Taxes.


    • International fly;
    • All meals and breakfast;
    • Souvenir, personal shopping;
    • Dinner to snow and ice village;
    • All is not described into the program;
    • All tips.

eXplora Expedition will be pleased to provide all the information needed to arrange your trip.