Svalbard Spring eXpedition


Land of important expeditions over the decades, the Svalbard Islands remain among the wildest and most hostile areas to explore; of a disarming beauty thanks to the livid landscapes that these islands offer, polar bears, seals, arctic foxes, blue foxes, partridges, elk and much more.

The activities are carried out for the most part by a white border, following itineraries and pervaded by an infinite white, we will visit still frozen fjords where the white bear hunts seals waiting for them to emerge from the holes made on the ice to breathe. We will visit the cities of Barentsburg and the ghost town of Pyramiden, current and old Russian settlements for coal mining. We will go hiking in the mountains above Longyerbyen to visit spectacular ice caves. Six days you can’t forget anymore.

EXPEDITION: Possible observation of the Polar Bear,Seal,Arctic Fox, Walrus, and Reindeer.
ACCOMMODATION:  Bed & Breakfast
LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE: Good spirit of adaptation
DATES: from  24 to 31 March 2023
Spots still available: 7 on 7

eXplora Expedition will be pleased to provide all information needed to arrange your trip.