Gold Rush Trail Expedition


and now….. INTO THE WILD!

A journey to discover the natural beauties of Alaska and the places that made up the milestones of the gold rush in the Yukon. This trip will give you the opportunity to discover the most authentic and representative aspects of the destination.

Seventeen days dedicated on exploring the LAST FRONTIER, along particularly scenic roads, living some nights in the heart of “wilderness” hoping for a close encounter with the Grizzly bear and admiring the expanses on the glaciers, these are just some of the exciting activities included in this trip that will make it particularly original.

A journey dedicated to those who want to live a 360° experience in a wild land and in some aspects not so easy to reach. An expedition that requires a strong spirit of adaptation and practical sense according to the situations that will arise, this will be crucial to the success of the expedition.

This expedition to Alaska and Canada, where nature is still intact, is a real dive into the “wild”, which combines sailing in the Inside Passage with the breathtaking views of Denali National Park.

In Alaska civilisation has not contaminated yet the primitive nature of this region, from the southern coast to the immediate hinterland.

The view of glaciers that covers entire regions, tundra, forests, deep fjords, peaks and volcanoes, crystal clear lakes, mountain streams and rivers and of course animals such as elk, bears, eagles, wolves and large salmon, will astonish anyone’s expectations.

Almost four times the size of Italy, in most of the Alaskan territory, nature still reigns undisturbed; its population is around six hundred thousand inhabitants, and almost half live in Anchorage while approximately ninety thousand are indigenous. Juneau, capital of the region, has no road links and is surrounded by sea and frozen mountains which creates a spectacular environment. The entire day will be dedicated to the sea and the Mendenhall glacier, and either in the boat or sailing in kayaks, you will able to see whales, killer whales and dolphins. 

EXPEDITION: 4×4, trekking, kayaking.
WHERE: Alaska (USA) and Canada.
ACCOMMODATION: Lodge – Camping – Cabins.
LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE: none except a good spirit of adaptation and good physical condition.
Dates: 12 – 31 August 2025
Spots available: 1 on 9


– Accommodation in Motel, Guest house;
–  17 days among the places of the epic of the gold fever and in the lands still populated by Native North Americans. A new itinerant trekking journey always surrounded by a wild nature of forests, tundra, glaciers and the highest mountains of the continent. With a rental car between Yukon and Alaska;
– Car rentals, kayaks;
– Transfers to and from airports;
– Park entrances and marine activities;
– Bus-ferry transport;
– Helicopter tour on Herbert glacier.

eXplora Expedition will be pleased to provide all information needed to arrange your trip.