The Essence of Colombia: A Sensory Expedition

Colombia’s Sensory Journey begins as the country dazzles with its vibrancy, offering an unparalleled sensory journey. Alive with the Amazon‘s lushness, Cartagena’s historic charm, and the Andes’ grandeur, it stimulates all senses. The air carries the aroma of coffee, the warmth of the sun, and the rhythms of salsa and cumbia, inviting all to dance. Rich in folklore, Colombia’s stories of myths, legends, and superstitions reveal its deep cultural roots, captivating everyone from children to global travelers seeking authenticity. Beyond the well-trodden paths, it unveils a world of untold stories and hidden treasures, promising an adventure that enchants even seasoned adventurers. This is a land where magic and mystery are everyday, drawing visitors into its unique essence.

Untamed Beauty: Colombia’s Sensory Journey Through Nature

Colombia’s geography, where dense jungles and vast pampas merge, hosts diverse wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. This richness is enhanced by remnants of ancient civilizations and lively indigenous cultures, reflecting centuries of vibrant history. With its ethnic diversity and varied terrains, from the Caribbean’s white sands to the dense Amazon and towering Andes, Colombia presents a unique South American experience. This diversity enriches both the visual journey and the depth of discovery, fostering connections with the land and its people. Exploring Colombia’s natural and cultural wonders offers an adventure of thrilling discoveries and insights, positioning it as an unparalleled destination in South America.

Colombia’s Sensory Journey: A Celebration of Vibrancy, Hospitality, and Rhythms

The spirit of Colombia‘s Sensory Journey is embodied in its unmatched hospitality and deep-rooted passion for vibrant dance and Caribbean rhythms, captivating all. In Colombia, life is a constant celebration, interweaving music and dance into everyday life. This joyous culture, combined with the charming atmosphere of its cities, the warmth of its people, and endless beautiful beaches, establishes Colombia as an ideal sanctuary. It offers the perfect mix of relaxation and adventure, appealing to those eager to experience life’s full richness. Colombia is also celebrated for its agricultural wealth, especially as a top coffee exporter, showcasing its genuine essence. This rich heritage invites those seeking authentic experiences to delve into local traditions and flavors. Colombia’s lively lifestyle, natural and cultural gems, and agricultural prowess make it an extraordinary destination for discovery and celebration.

Journey Through Colombia’s Heartlands

Embark on an unparalleled expedition across Colombia, covering over 2 million km² of stunning landscapes and immersive experiences. This journey transcends ordinary tourism, revealing a fusion of the Andes’ majesty, the Amazon’s expanse, desert enigmas, and the Caribbean’s charm. It prioritizes personal connections with Colombia’s soul, traversing from the culturally rich capital, Bogotá, to St. Agustin’s ancient wonders, and Cano Cristales’ natural beauty. Experience the untamed side of Colombia, from verdant coffee plantations to the secluded reaches of the Amazon. This adventure blends the thrill of the wild with enchanting moments, offering a deep dive into the country’s heart.



MEANS OF TRANSPORT: Plane, 4×4 van, boats;
WHERE: Colombia , Amazonia
ACCOMMODATION: Lodges, hotels and cabins;
LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE: None except a good spirit of adaptation and good physical condition.
DATES: 4 – 22 August 2025
Places available: 8 out of 8


  • Transfers to and from the airports;
  • Accommodations in double room with private bathroom 3*** and local community hostels/ Hut cabins 3/4 places with external bathroom;
    B&B treatment. N.B.: 2 breakfasts will be charged to the customer as they correspond to two flights in the early morning;
  • Lunches where specified;
  • Dinners where specified;
  • Driver with private van;
  • Gas ;
  • Local guide during all excursions;
  • Entrance fees to parks and reserves as specified in the program;
  • Excursions;
  • Trekking;
  • Safari;
  • Entrances to museums and parks;
  • Horseback riding as specified in the program;
  • Domestic flights ;
  • Taxes ;
  • Exclusive eXplora Expedition Team leader.
eXplora Expedition will be pleased to provide all information needed to arrange your trip.