Colombia is a country that must be experienced with all 5 senses, words cannot explain what it is actually like to live and understand this country.

Continuous contrasts, magic and mystery are breathed in every place, there are many myths, legends and superstitions; the stories are passed down from generation to generation, sometimes frightening children and other times intriguing travelers in search of great pathos.

A trip to Colombia, a country still far from mass tourism, conquers the hearts of the most demanding explorers.

The uncontaminated nature between jungle and pampas with the multitude of animals and different landscape settings, its fascinating lost civilizations that still today deeply “strike” each of us, the contact with the indigenous populations making one’s own reality live in the Amazonian naturalistic blend, they will be the setting for the exciting South American expedition which will involve the most demanding and tenacious explorer.

A country of a thousand particularities, the first of all is the ethnic one and then the landscape one, given by the fact that Colombia is the only South American country to look out, with its white beaches, on the Caribbean Sea, while inside it hosts the Amazon forest and a part of the Andes mountain range.

Like all Latin peoples, even the Colombians amaze travelers with their hospitality and irrepressible passion for dance and Caribbean rhythms. Every occasion is good for partying and performing sensual and passionate rhythms.

Enchanting cities, smiling people and very long beaches make this country the ideal destination for a holiday of relaxation and fun, as well as exploring its luxuriant nature; moreover, the Colombian land is able to produce much more genuine products, such as coffee, of which the country is the second largest exporter in the world after Brazil; in addition to this, it is also a country rich in history, as demonstrated by cities such as Cartagena, a real colonial jewel, nicknamed “Andalusian” even if it will not be touched in this expedition, or the futuristic Bogota where it will be visited on several occasions.

Let’s go into what will see you involved in this great South American adventure between magic, nature and adventure. With over 2 million km² between land and sea areas, Colombia is among the few countries in the world with still a low number of tourism, thus going beyond mass tourism; thanks to the immense areas that see it involved such as the imposing Cordillera of the Andes, the Amazon area, deserts, pampas and the enchanting beaches bathed by the Caribbean seas to the north, enjoying a combination of land and sea that is nothing short of magnificent, encloses a dream that made for those who have always wanted to explore this land. This expedition will touch only a small part of the South American nation, precisely because the territory is vast and requires many hours of travel especially if by land precisely because it is a wild place, although the movements will vary from domestic flights to private vans. 5 of the 32 districts will be visited, including modern civilizations such as the futuristic Bogota but at the same time embellished by what remains from the colonial era, up to the Tatacoa Desert located in the middle of the eastern and central Colombian Andes, St Agustin and its statues dating back to the pre-Columbian era, up to the immense expanses where, thanks to an exciting horse ride, it will be possible to enter even more into the remote atmosphere. The coffee and the plantations which will give a panorama that is once again different with a versatile vision of this amazing country. Between the Magdalena stream and the Orinoko stream, extraordinary landscapes and atmospheres will lead you to Yopal in LLanero, Villavicencio and the extraordinary Cano Cristales of a disarming beauty thanks to the colors generated by the algae and the play of light that the sun will have the goodness to let you admire. Inirida and the Comunidad Remanso until Cerros de Mavicure near the Venezuelan borders totally immersed in wild nature and local traditions. A look at the northeastern Amazon rainforest exploring the jungle in the various platforms with an exciting rope climbing activity of which everyone will be able to admire this important and fundamental forest. Experiences, emotions, an adventure in an earthly paradise that is still predominantly wild and magical!


MEANS OF TRANSPORT: Plane, 4×4 van, boats;
WHERE: Colombia , Amazonia
ACCOMMODATION: Lodges, hotels and cabins;
LEVEL OF EXPERIENCE: None except a good spirit of adaptation and good physical condition.
DATES: 4 – 22 August 2024
Places available: 6 out of 8


  • Transfers to and from the airports;
  • Accommodations in double room with private bathroom 3*** and local community hostels/ Hut cabins 3/4 places with external bathroom;
    B&B treatment. N.B.: 2 breakfasts will be charged to the customer as they correspond to two flights in the early morning;
  • Lunches where specified;
  • Dinners where specified;
  • Driver with private van;
  • Gas ;
  • Local guide during all excursions;
  • Entrance fees to parks and reserves as specified in the program;
  • Excursions;
  • Trekking;
  • Safari;
  • Entrances to museums and parks;
  • Horseback riding as specified in the program;
  • Domestic flights ;
  • Taxes ;
  • Exclusive eXplora Expedition Team leader.
eXplora Expedition will be pleased to provide all information needed to arrange your trip.